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We will help to sell or buy an agricultural enterprise quickly and efficiently, in any region of Ukraine with observance of the maximum confidentiality of the information.

Today, the market for buying and selling agricultural enterprises and agricultural land is quite chaotic and inadequate. Usually, to sell or buy an agricultural enterprise, the owners need to hold several dozen meetings with various representatives or intermediaries, which does not always lead to the dream deal. All this is mainly due to the inaccuracy and lack of systematization of the information provided. We offer you to systematize and process the information about your agricultural enterprise as much as possible, or to choose the most acceptable variant according to your order.

We will help the real seller to meet the real buyer and make a deal with the maximum benefit, for both parties!

We also offer owners or buyers of land plots to prepare as much as possible for the entry into force of the Law on the purchase and sale of agricultural land, to submit applications for readiness for sale.

If you want to sell an agricultural enterprise or a plot of land
  • We will prepare your company or site for sale:
    • Documentation
    • Farm Staging
  • We will disseminate the information agreed with you on the relevant sales channels.
  • We will carry out active search of the buyer under your order, and also - preliminary check of the buyer.
  • We will negotiate with a potential buyer and accompany the agreement at all stages until completion.
  • We will sell your company or site on the best terms for you.
If you want to buy an agricultural enterprise or a land plot
  • We will carry out active search of the enterprises or sites at your request in all regions of Ukraine.
  • Let's carry out preliminary check of reliability of the information from the seller.
  • Let's check the actual value of the object.
  • We will negotiate with the seller.
  • We support the agreement at all stages until completion.
Additional services for our clients
  • Accounting audit
  • Legal audit
  • Technical audit
  • Due diligence (conducting a comprehensive inspection of all company activities, including profitability)
  • Preparation of the agricultural enterprise for sale (Farm Staging)
  • Quick redemption of your agricultural enterprise
  • Support of the agreement at all stages until completion.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Cybersecurity: protection of information and data transmission of the enterprise
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    The SF team consists of lawyers, sales managers, marketing and finance specialists. We work to ensure that you get the most out of it.
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